Interview Series: Angel Spirits and Nature

interview series Mar 30, 2020

Please enjoy this meeting and discussion between two of our teachers at Shaman College, Kimba and Raffaele!

Topics include:

How Shamanism is a path of direct revelation.

How the angels have been here through time.

How you can invite them and connect with them through Nature.

Their path of light and love is open to us all.

How Shamanic Practitioners can work with them in their journey practices.

And we welcome you to share in our deep love and gratitude for shamanism, healing, nature and life.

If you would like to get in touch with Raffaele to ask any questions or if you would like to inquire about the healing sessions that he offers, please send an email to him at [email protected]

Thank you!

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Video Transcription:


Hello my name is Kimba, and I'm here meeting today with Raffaele. He is one of our teachers at Shaman College. And so I'm very fortunate to say that Raffaele is one of my colleagues. And, every time I meet with you, Raffaele, it is really always... you know, I always feel grateful to sit with you.

Thank you, Kimba. I feel so grateful as well. And also, hello, everyone who's watching. It's my deepest pleasure to be here today and shed a little bit about the angels and thank you, Kimba for launching this idea.

What I'm also looking forward to today is to hear you speak about the angel spirits and how they can come into shamanism because I feel that so many of us perhaps have not encountered... even though we know, I think we all probably know something deep about the angels inside ourselves. It's not showing up as often in the core shamanism studies, so I'm really excited to hear what you have to share with us today.

Yeah, that's quite true that in shamanism,  we don't talk very much about angels. And one of the main reasons could be because angels are associated with religion. In shamanism, we walk a path of direct revelation. And the Angels somehow seem to be part of something that has bean build, that has been thought, that has had, you know, all along our history, a certain use.

But angels are more than that. They do not necessarily belong to religion only because whereas many think of the some well known arc angels like Archangel Raffaele, like Archangel Michael Gabriel, they are immediately associated with Christianity. But that's not true. They actually come from before.

So, in my work within the shamanic paradigm, I was trying to find the connecting thread that actually linked these beautiful, spiritually beings from our ancient past and up to our modern times. So the well known archangels Michael, Rafael, Gabriel- they were present in pre Christian cultures in the Mediterranean and they were not angels. They were deities, so there's a connection. So, you know, in shamanism we work with the honouring of the ancestors and so also our ancestors understood something- understood that in between the worlds, there is a presence, there is something that seems to watch us in a sense. And these are what we know now days ,we call the Angels.

I really love to hear you speaking and share and teach because there's so much in there. I just want it ask a couple of things cause you sparked um, I feel like some important pieces to underline. First of all, you mentioned at the beginning there you said that and shamanism, we're walking the path of ... did you say revelation or direct revelation? Direct revelation. Yes. I just even just wanted to sit with that one sentence because I think that's key to what we do.

It is because we don't want to have any intermediaries between us and spirit. And, you know, it may seem like, Wow, how can you do that? We can, because it's all built within us. It's just natural. It's something that is our birthright. It is something we're born to do and experience. We have just forgotten. Sometimes, you know, we point the fingers towards religion and other institutions. Well, you know, as time changed and our society changed, the needs also changed. So I don't feel like I need to point fingers towards any religion in particular. But what we can do from a shamanic perspective is travel back in time and see what our ancestors were trying to do and achieve, and experience. And then we can embrace it.  So we don't have intermediaries. We journey and commune with helping spirits directly.

Yes, this is why we love it, isn't it? Because, you know, it's kind of like shamanism is continually moving in every moment. It's alive, and in every moment it's inventing itself, if you will, because of this direct communication.

Okay. So then then the next thing that you said that I love too was... If we look through every culture, through every tradition, the angels, as most of us have come to know them got recorded, got recognised through a certain path or certain popular paths that became public or shared, if you will, and so that's how we got to know them.

But really, in order for those paths, you know, I was thinking about this too, just as you said that that, you know, yoga is a path. So all these different places around our beautiful planet had different paths, and they got maybe systematised or recorded and documented. And but really, all of them had to come from the path of direct revelation, a path of direct communication at some point.

Absolutely. This is so right, because even back then, there were intermediaries. They must have had through direct revelation, either through visions, dreams or hearing something.

And then the presence of the angels was experienced and recorded, as you say, and it's a very special and unique presence. They are slightly different than our well- known helping spirits. They have some specialties or qualities that define them so we can learn how to recognise them by their presence.

Yes, beautiful, I love that. I think we've spoken about this before!

But, you know, in our course coming up. We've got a course coming called Your Spirit Allies.  And it's a course that takes us through our connection with plants, through our connection with trees,  connection of animals. And one week is dedicated to our connection with the angels. And, Raffaele did the content for this the week on the angels.

As we go through this course, we notice that each of the kind of category of spirits say the tree spirits or the ancient ones... the way we tune into them requires a different ability. I feel like it's like people that are really good at wine tasting. They can tell all the different notes.

When you tune into the different categories of spirits, I 'hate' saying the word 'category'. Somehow, I can't think of another way...

Say, when we tune into the angels, it requires a certain sense. Can you tell us more about it?

Yes, yes, absolutely. And the unit that you mentioned, you know, in our upcoming course has been thought and designed for any practitioner, whether you're beginner or a more advanced practitioner.

To leave behind these notions that the angels are superior beings that are inaccessible to us. I don't believe that's the case, because we can all benefit from the angels and their presence.

And, rather than entering either more advanced practices or thinking that they belong to religion. I was trying to find a way to get out of the 'box' and I wanted to find a connection because angels are beings that connect us to spirit and they are infused in the entire creation because the great spirit of all things, is light. And so as we do so then I came to realise that nature is the portal that allows us to access the angels.

Oh, you keep going. I love that!

Yeah, isn't that beautiful? And we enter a very specific state of being. We have to seek it. We have to find it within ourselves. We start to look for colours that are brighter or more ethereal. We can work with fragrances. We can work with crystals. We can work with flowers. We can work in many different ways.

The purpose is to, ah, work with nature, align ourselves with that gentle, peaceful and eternal presence that nature can offer, and nature, wherever you go, demonstrates something to us and when we tune in and expand our awareness and enter that sphere of consciousness. And so we're one with nature. With this light, it flows forth and back constantly and eternally. Then we enter in this realm that is in between. And this is where I believe the angels can be found. And it's not difficult. It's something that comes very natural to all people.


And the pieces of this course that we're talking about- when we have a week, and I know it might sound like only a week!  But when you dedicate seven days in a row, even of just holding this consciousness of connection with the angels through nature, that's all around us all the time, it allows you to ripen in your sensitivity and to really welcome them into your life.

I love that because... Raphael, when I first went through this course you mentioned about the feather, sometimes the you might see a white feather fall. And... yes, that week. I mean, of course I see him other times, I',m sure.  But that week that I spent with the Angels in this way. One day I looked help. Right? When I was working on this course, right when I was working on it, I looked out and this white feather,  I watched the whole thing.... dee dee dee dee and I watched it land! Oh, you know it. I was so happy that you mentioned that in the course.

Yeah. White feathers are very often a sign of the angels. It is, a synchronicity that once more is offered to you. And so once more, something is being demonstrated from the spiritual realms right in front of you. So you need to have eyes and ears and heart to see that. But when that happens, then you can really feel something powerful within you.

And some people doubt of say you are are making this up, or it's the feather of a bird. That's not the sphere of awareness that we want to dwell. It's different, it's more profound. And it's something that is, I would even say primordial. When ages ago, we were maybe in a state of deeper and more spontaneous connection to nature and to the invisible realms. Nowadays, because of our modern world and technology etcetera, we have lost a bit of our connection. And sometimes we go out of track.

So when we work with the angels, we reenter this flow of the great spirit, the flow of the life, the flow of this light that comes from spirit and infuses everything in this light. And the angels very special. They are good friends and companions.

So I am just thinking about my other question, which is, for the for people that are practitioners out there. So they're already shamanic practitioners. They know how to do journey work, and they know how to do more advanced. I guess you could say, practices and shamanism because we have a lot of graduates listening, and we also have students that are currently in our training.  We can, and I know the answer is "yes", but I can't wait to hear you talk about it. But, we can also include angels in our consciousness when we're journeying.

Absolutely. Normally, angels are found in the upper world for those who can journey. And again, you know, it's not something the one has to do that every practitioner may want to consider this because when we look at the angels, see that beautiful icon out there? It's a replica of something that was painted thousands of years ago on that comes from Constantinopole.

So our ancestors found out something they just didn't make make it up out of nothing. They did discover something. They did experience something. Back then, in particular, there were priests who were highly trained, they were mystics. So if they came to find the angels, there must be something really huge going on. And maybe one wants to explore this.

And in the upper will, they may appear in many different ways. Not necessarily, they may show up with wings. Some angels have more a warrior presence or they may appear as  floating light, a sparkle of light that brings a sense of peace of gentleness of reassurance even. And I find these beings very gentle in their presence but their work is never ending, this continues, they keep flowing and journeying through the entire creation without any limit of time or space.

And they love us. They love everything on earth and everything in this universe, they are amazing beings. So I invite every practitioner to experience to explore and find their angel because it's absolutely beautiful. It is going to reawaken a part of you that maybe you didn't know their was, so it's very deep work.


I know what my next journeying is gonna be about! As you were saying that I was thinking about love!  Because I've been really exploring the nuances between the love that comes from the ancients, the ancient soul ancestors, who I feel and the work that I've been doing with them. They love us in a very I would say its a "human love", but a most transcendent human. It's a human love, though, that you can, like, kind of lean into - a very earthly love like they are gazing into our eyes because they know we carry their their eyes.

Okay, when I tap into the angels, the love is also a huge and beautiful, but it feels slightly different. It feels like a love from really another place. Like a some love that is pure light. Uh, it's a little bit different. They're both huge, but I don't know if you have anything to say about that.

Yes, I do agree. The love of the angels is a huge and powerful, but it is more subtle. It comes in a way that is not invasive. And that is although, you know, the angels are connected with Earth and there are many reasons because this is so- but they don't really belong to earth in the way we do. And so their love is transcendent. It's infinite, it is eternal, it is without any condition, without any boundary. It is just so pure. It is beautiful if any practitioner can journey and experience that in the upper world, that's really, really, really intense and beautiful.

One of the things you mentioned sometimes when you speak about the angels is how the angels really help us know about 'no limits', of the of limitless of the consciousness. I really resonate with that, and I appreciate that.

Yes, that's another powerful gift from the Angels because they are in a state of expansion. They are in a state with no limitation, and they are aware that the entire creation is here for us to be experienced, appreciated, honoured and enjoyed.

And so the angels, they will try to- when you go out of track and you have trouble and pain, they will always try to bring you back to the flow of life which goes beyond the physical world.

The idea of life for the angels is much more than our physical body. It is a continuum, like a sparkle that continues to explode and generate more and more new things. That's very powerful. They they're even in a state of excitement. Sometimes the angels, they really want to support us. They're wonderful beings.

Oh, what a blessed existence that we have.

Yes, that's true.

We've got, like, we've got this human form. We've got this Earth, you know? Then we have this infinite as well - this infinity. This limitless, this love that's light itself.

And another thing that as you were talking, you brought to mind this idea that the angels we can associate them with light. And some people told me about, you know, I was in a place where it was completely dark or my life is dark in the sense that it's a difficult life. But when we work with the angels, we learn how to find that light in our hearts, and that is really powerful.

And this is how we can heal and readjust our internal compass to find again direction. Because wherever you are, even when things look dark, there's always a sparkle of light that's hidden and that you cannot see. And so if you learn how to find the light within yourself, then you can recognize the light in everything that's around you, even if on the surface it looks dark. But it's not. That's just illusion.

Yeah, yes, it's kind of like I don't know, I sometimes feel Raffaele, I sometimes feel as humans we're just learning again how to be a human. But I mean in the most kind of beautiful, heightened way that we are, it's like we've got all these skills and all this capacity and ability, and we're having to learn it again. Um, it's not been lost, but we're having to learn it again because some pieces have not been passed on directly through our cultures.


Yes, I definitely agree with you. And this is why we're here doing the work. And so every practitioner whose journey and doing the work is giving a contribution because all that experiences that feelings, that energy goes out into the web of life and it awakens lost memories within everyone. It may take a long time, but at least it's happening. We're really here to remember how it was once.


Yeah, yes, yeah, right. So all of our work - I'm saying all of us, and I'm not saying just you and me but I'm saying all of us- all of us listening and all of us not listening. And everybody's doing different forms off of meditation, of clearing, of connecting of prayers, blessing. And there's not one path. Of course, that would be ridiculous, but it's important that we all do it. We need each other. We help each other.


Yes, every path is important. Every path gives a contribution to the building of the big, big, big puzzle so that one day we have the full view off this huge image and ah, we will understand more. So this is why this work is important because we're moving and expanding more and more as we do it and it's so rewarding, nevertheless.

You're right. It's so rewarding, isn't it?

It is. Yeah. And, um so although in the Allies course, there's there are some practices in there, you know, I can invite everyone to find that moment and leave behind that ancient idea that the angels belong to religion and find them in your heart. Light a candle,  find a moment of peace and silence to tune in and feel that eternal presence that helps you to connect with the great spirit of all things.

Because you deserve it. You're part of it. And, ignoring that part of you who is eternally connected, to everything everywhere is such a pity. We really want to be part of it. We want to be conscious of it. We want to be aware of it. And we want to participate in this huge process of creation as we continue to dance with the stars, you know in our changing universe and the angels are there, they're here. They're everywhere. So all you need to do is ask.

Well, thank you. Thank you so much Raffaele.

And thank you Kimba for allowing me to talk about the angels. It was may deepest pleasure. And, uh, well, until next time.

Yes, until next time and there will be there will be some more times!

Hopefully, there will be, I am sure there will.

All right, good. Thank you.


Thank you.


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