Safety, Infinity and Gratitude

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2019

Safety, Infinity and Gratitude

As we come into a place together of remembering our human capacity and our infinite connections and relationships with Nature and the Spirits, we are asked to more and more open to what is beyond the so-called 'normal' conditioning.

Shamanic healing allows us to release these conditioned and acquired beliefs that ultimately hold us back into patterns of separation, fear and really a constrained belief in what is possible.  And of course, this has a direct impact on our personal health and happiness - which mirrors into the world around us.

Whatever a person may find themselves doing- in their work, communities, and families- their abilities and impact expand and heal all of us when they are able to be in their fullest self, their true self.  They see beyond the mundane, they see connections where many have forgotten them. They are remembering something that is innately who we are.  We are connected and we have capacities for great healing and peace, for insights and intuitions.

Extending Our Consciousness- Expansion

I want to share with you 3 conditions for lengthening, expanding and extending your awareness.  And there may be more.  But these 3 are ingredients that seem to be consistent in allowing our awareness to elongate cosmically outwards and on the quantum level inwards. (As I share in the video... these also are the 3 conditions for lengthening a muscle... yes, this human body was given to us for a reason!)

These 3 are safety, infinity and gratitude.  You could view these as representations  and embodiments of 3 centres in the body- pelvis, head, and heart.

Our pelvis: our ground, our centre of gravity, our Earth, our weight.  This centre in our body directly connects with the Earth.   It allows our roots and our foundation.  You can activate this area- through being aware of letting yourself drop into your pelvis, into your  body's presence here on the Earth right now.  When there is a foundation here you are rested and supported, you are safe.

Our head centre: not the ego mind, not the mental 'monkey" mind, but the infinite mind.  The place that lets us connect across the planet, through time, through the directions, with all of life and beyond.  When our head centre opens like this, you touch your infinity.

And our heart centre: gratitude opens this place.  This place of love and universal connection, with appreciation for life.  The ability to see the Earth Family, the Universal Family, the creativity of all. This is the Heart's wisdom- a universal portal- and gratitude is the key.

Together these 3 conditions allow an expansion beyond knowing.  It is from here that intuition is sparked, the connections are seen, the realisations are made.  And yet, also a simplicity is appreciated, a love and a light for this life shines.

blessings to all,



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