Certification Training - amended for Level 2 graduates

This version of our full certification was specifically designed for our Shamanism 101 Level 2 graduates.

This is a 24 unit amended version of our full Shaman College Practitioner Certification Training.  (the full version is 36 units).

This course includes the reworked and expanded versions of the old Shamanism 101 Level 3 material plus 12 new units.  You will also be given some of the reworked Shamanism 101 Level 2 units for your review....but you will not be asked to do those assignments for us.

You receive 2, 20-minute online video or audio calls with your mentor.  And there are group online meet-ups that will happen occasionally through your studies so you can gather with your peers and meet with some of the other teachers too.

Upon completion you will receive a paper Shaman College certificate/ diploma recognising you as a Certified Shamanic Practitioner.  You will be invited into our graduate groups, meet-ups and future graduate courses.

We ask our students to take 2-3 weeks to complete a unit.  However, there is extra time built into this course should you need a little more time on a unit.

There is a required end date that is 2 years from your start date.  You may apply for a 4 month extension for a fee of £100.

REFUND POLICY- There is a non-refundable enrollment fee of £130.  If you cancel within 60 days, the remainder of your payments are fully refunded.


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