Sessions with Kimba

Meet with Kimba for video call consultations - share the sacred space, get the opportunity to ask questions, to be seen and to be heard.

For individuals who are seeking specific shamanic healing, Kimba offers bespoke sessions and is able to work with clients at a distance.

She also works with clients in a monthly mentorship - combining healing with spiritual guidance and consultations.


Video Call Consultations - We meet

"This is just that, a meeting. And yet... when do we give ourselves that opportunity to meet in this way? I come to listen and reflect, I come to answer questions, to assist.  If you were here, at our sanctuary, I might walk with you or share a cup of tea... we would pause to listen to the birds or the waters. These are the energetics that are brought to our video calls."

You may come with a burning question, or you may come with no reason except to explore what is happening in the moment. Follow what calls you...

Meetings are generally up to 1 hour in length.

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Shamanic Healing Sessions

Shamanic healing sessions combine distance healing and audio files with video calls and email support.

"At this time, I believe this format offers the best use of technology for our distance healing. It honours both of our timings - so that you can receive the audio files when it is best for you.  And I can record them when I am at my strongest."

Healing Sessions, Step One: Initial consultation and divination.

The process begins with a 20-30 minute zoom video call to discuss what you are looking for help with. 

"This time gives me the opportunity to tune-into you and really hear you.  I receive the energetics so I may relay them to the spirit helpers."

Following the call, Kimba does a shamanic divination on your behalf, gathers information and guidance as to how to proceed.

You receive an email from Kimba with a write-up of the details from the divination journey. You receive the treatment plans that were revealed and the proposal for the next steps.

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Healing Sessions, Step Two: Divination Details and Series Proposal Email

Once you receive the email and series proposal, it is up to you whether or not you would like to proceed.

If yes, your consultation fee is applied to your series.

Series are viewed as one healing process divided into sessions.

Your series price will reflect how many sessions are included. (For example, a series with 2 sessions is $165.  A series with 3 sessions is $247.50. Each additional session is $82.50)

Healing Sessions Step Three: Audio Sessions and Video Meetings

Your healing session is recorded and shared to you as an audio file.  You will have access to a private webpage where each session will be added.  Along with this recording, you will have notes and suggestions for how to integrate the session.

You listen to the session when you are able to in the following days.

"We give this session a week or 2 to integrate and we meet again on a video call to check-in and share what has been happening before we continue.

I am always available for email support during this process.  I like to hear from you and to know what revelations or questions arise.  This is a conscious growth process.

It is truly an alchemical healing that requires your awareness and exploration ... my guides and I will be there for you."

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If you have any questions or if you are ready to book an appointment, please get in touch.

Video Call Consultations


  • One hour meeting with Kimba
  • Option to receive the recording of the session
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Healing Session Inquiry and Divination


  • 20-30 minute Zoom call to discuss
  • Divination regarding healing
  • Email with divination details and session series proposal if applicable
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Shamanic Healing Series

Rates based in number of sessions

  • Initial Divination fee is applied to your total
  • Rates are based on $82.50 per session
  • Each session is provided through audio file
  • Each session has a follow-up zoom call
  • Email support through the process
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Monthly Mentorship and Healing Package

$150/ month

3 month minimum

  • Video meeting every other week
  • Healing audio sessions: 1 or 2 per month
  • Weekly email check-ins and feedback
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