Healing and Shamanism Series


Introduction to Shamanic Healing

Guided Self-Exploration

Meditations and Relaxation

How Shamanic Healing Works

Earth Healing andĀ Blessings

Welcome to Shamanic Healing

This informational and experiential series invites you into the shamanic healing life-view. Discover how this ancient but living practice may help you and others in these times.

Kimba Bridgeman -Ā Director, Shaman College
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In this 5 part series - you will get an opportunity to experience yourself through the eyes of shamanism as you learn about this healing practice.

An introduction open to anyone who is looking for more information and wants to dip their feet in and test the waters.

Part 1: A Connected Universe


Welcome and let us show you around. There is nothing better that travelling with us through a guided meditation to welcome the vastness of interconnections.

  • Video Introduction
  • Audio Orientation Mediation Practice
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Part 2: Shine a Light Within

When you look within at yourself and at your life with the shamanic sensitivity, you get an opportunity to uncover wisdom and knowing that lives within you.

  • Video/Audio Self- Questions and Exploration
  • Audio Relaxation

Part 3: What does shamanic healing 'help' with?

Why do people seek shamanic healing? How does it work? How does it compare with other healing methods? Discover that shamanic healing assists with challenges and illnesses in the body, mind and spirit.

  • Video - Shamanism is a Web of Healing
  • Video- Shamanism for Healing Oneself
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Part 4: Practitioners Share


Hear from two experienced shamanic practitioners and teachers from Shaman College as they discuss what its like to offer this healing to others.  It is quite a unique practice compared with other methods of healing.

  • Video Conversation and Sharing

Part 5: Earth Healing and Blessings

As you move beyond the view of separation - you realise that your life and the Earth's life are one.  Ultimately shamanic practice is an Earth healing as much as an individual's healing.

  • Video- guided seated meditation and breath practice for Earth healing and blessings
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Healing and Shamanism Series



  • Video Lessons
  • Guided Meditations
  • Worksheet
  • Experiences of Shamanic Practitioners