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Many people share in a similar experience... that there has been a call to the spiritual through Nature... and that this call has been there for as long as they can remember.

Kimba Bridgeman - Director, Shaman College
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7 days of Rituals with Video Guidance to Introduce You to Shamanic Practice for Self-Healing

Whether you are drawn to self-practice or are interested in offering healing to others... our Coming Home course invites you to honour your personal call.

Ritual 1: A Deep Call in Your Heart

When you honour this call within your heart... you are honouring also that which has called you here.

"Thank you so much for your video! The ritual is such a powerful way to reconnect to the shamanic call! I could really feel the connection to mother earth and a pure feeling of grandure and age! Already looking forward to the next lesson!"


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Ritual 2: Healing

Healing requires an ability to receive... an openness to that which is here to help you.

"In doing this practice - there is such a renewed sense of LIFE in each breath and in acknowledging the air as it fills and leaves my lungs, refreshing each cell and awakening the potential within. I am grateful."

Ritual 3: Welcoming Your Unbound Self

Self work is the foundation of shamanic healing... each practitioner is always working on themselves. Cleansing takes many forms- clearing, inviting, asking, and honouring.

"The addition of the elements to this activity makes it all the more wonderful~! Thank you for that as well. Depth and meaning are important for the work of any spiritual practice, and this one feels like it's carried in troves."

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Ritual 4: Calling Out To Spirit

Finding your authentic voice as you face the directions and call to the Oneness of all. Shamanism is unique to you and must arise from within.

"I think one of my hesitations about Shamanism was that I had to engage in ways that weren't me or didn't connect with me. I'm SO glad to hear as I watch these videos that there is no ONE way of practicing Shamanism. I'm glad to open myself to learning how to practice Shamanism in a way that resonates with my spirit. Thank you for that freedom!" 

Week 5: Your Body is Nature

Safe practice in shamanism is ethically required. Journeying is an art and like all arts - takes time to hone and develop. While you will not be journeying on your own... you will be invited to a safe place and find your body as nature.


"That was amazing, I went to an actual place, where I was very happy, it was amazing, I got to spend time with my beloved dog Sophie, we went on many adventure together, but this place was special, filled with laughter and wonderment, thank you for taking me back there, I had forgot, namaste."

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Ritual 6: Communication with Spirits

Shamanism is a path of direct revelation, here you experience communication and work directly with the Tree spirits.

"Thankyou ... my heart flows with gratitude ... how I love to hug trees and feel their pulse as I listen to their heartbeat ... they are always my go to place when I need to be grounding myself for the pressures of life and get me some healing. It flows through my DNA as an Indigenous woman ... we are one."

Week 7: The Presence of Your True Self

Perhaps the most profound invitation is that to your True Self and when this presence is "seen" and witnessed by the nature spirits... there is a sacred gift.

"I am so grateful to have found this course! It has already changed my life tremendously for the better!"

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Coming Home- 7 Shamanic Rituals


Video Course with guided rituals for you to complete on your own time.