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Remembering- Spirit and Form

Apr 07, 2020

In this blog and sharing, we hear from Catherine Center, one of our teachers and practitioners at Shaman College as she shares with Kimba of her recent work and beautiful realisations.  Catherine's shamanic work has been deep in embodiment of the connections of spirit to form and the expression of the creative energy of the Whole moving through us, as us, and through the whole Universe.  She shares that this is a deep part of our re-membering and the healing of our bodies and our lives.



Hello, everyone. I'm here with sitting with Catherine and we're sharing and especially Catherine is sharing with me the what she's been working on, what has been a part of her own shamanic practice.

And when ever we get an opportunity, to really hear from each other and receive from each other what we're doing, how the shamanism is moving through us, we all get an opportunity to receive a healing, even if it didn't come directly to us.

And that is one of the reasons why I so...

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Your Spirit Allies- Video Interview

Jan 22, 2020

In this video, Barbara Clark from Shaman College interviews Kimba Bridgeman about the creation, importance and power in our course, Your Spirit Allies.

In this 'behind the scenes' conversation, you are invited to the discussion and exploration of who these spirit allies are, how can they help us, why its important to be able to connect with them in this reality, and other insights about the process of group intention, healing and gathering.

We want to keep these interviews and videos coming for you! We know that it is our living practice and our heart's love for this Earth and all beings that we continue to support our community and the growth of shamanic healing world-wide.

Please note, we have a NEW START DATE for this course... March 1, 2020.

For all of the details about our upcoming course, Your Spirit Allies, please click here, 

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