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Solstice Blessings

Dec 22, 2022

Hello dear Shaman College Community,

Here we are are within last days of this year... on this solstice, I sit and connect to you and send many blessings of peace, light and joy.

Please join me in this 'pause' moment within the activities and festivities... the Earth and the Spirits call us to that place of expansion both outwards and inwards.  These are the solstices within every breath cycle, they are the places of open channels...

A pause is not a stop.  It is an opportunity to connect to your infinite nature.

May these days be filled with celebrations, happiness, and also deep love and peace.

From all of us at Shaman College.

In gratitude...

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Prayer and Meditation for the Amazon

Aug 23, 2019

This is an invitation to join in a group consciousness practice of blessings and prayers for the Amazon.

One of the gifts of our deep, self-practice is that we open up to the potential and power that we each have. This allows us as individuals, to let our hearts and our awareness to expand beyond the boundaries of what we call 'me'.

And of course as a collective, our blessings resound.

If you feel drawn to this, please join me.  If not... find your own words and your own images.  The important message, is to let this healing potential within you to flow.

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