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Heart's Passion and the Shamanic Path

Nov 24, 2020

This week's blog has a lot in it!  First of all, I am excited to share a conversation that I had with author, shamanic practitioner and Shamanism 101 graduate, Sarah Woodard.

Speaking with her about her path and her passion for making a positive impact on our world through writing children's books inspired me to think a lot about how our human heart's passion and our shamanic guidance are related.  Sarah has found a way that these threads of her existence weave together and not only assist others but also energise her own her own place here.

What more can we really want, but to land in our true expression as we assist others?

I was also inspired to speak about creativity in shamanism and how they really go hand in hand. I feel that Sarah inspires this within us... as she speaks about how we can express ourselves in so many ways.

Finally, our conversation invoked an inquiry into my own calling, the hollow bone of shamanism and how it relates to or does not relate to...

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Graduate Interviews: Wise Mama Shaman

Sep 04, 2019

In this meeting with Nshimta, we get into a wide range of topics from the power in journeying with a drum to the art of psychopomp and its importance here.

It is always a joy to meet up with our graduates and hear about their work.  They are all inspiring beings. One of the things that stands out to me... across all of our teachers and practitioners, is the realness.  You know, when that ego is set aside and the real, true vibration flows from a place of gratitude and honouring for this beautiful place that we all share.

When I met with Nshimta, I got that feeling I was with a healer and wisdom keeper from many traditions.  She brings in her vast experience in bodywork, chiropractics, nutrition, Chinese medicine and more into a spiritual and full view of our life here. An experienced healer from many paths, Nshimta is a blessing to be with.

I believe this interview is 'just' a meeting and sampling of the wisdom that Nshimta has to offer us all.  I personally...

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