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At Shaman College we work as a team....to offer you many perspectives and insights into this sacred practice.

We feel it is important for you to "get to know" us.  At Shaman College through many of our courses, you will be working with a personal mentor. Also, you will get the opportunity to interact through social media, or through video and audio lessons with the rest of the teaching staff. 

Kimba Bridgeman, Director of Shaman College and Teacher

The deepest teachings of shamanism are to be the Hollow Bone...to the Hollow One the heart of the Universe is a living truth. Through this vessel - Spirit moves- our true Self crystal clear, in gratitude for Life.

Hello, my name is Kimba.  As the Director of Shaman College, I am humbled and grateful for holding this light. I am here to support and to continue the "heart - vision" of our teachers, founder and our students and to provide an excellence in shamanic studies accessible to so many across our beautiful planet.

In my private practice, I am a spiritual mentor and I offer shamanic healing, movement as medicine and White Shell Yoga.  I live in the UK but was born and lived most of my life in the United States.  I have been in the movement and healing professions for 25 years and yet it has been Shamanism that has been my "home-coming"...knowing that all has been for this remembering of our sacred relationship and blessed Oneness with Mother Earth, the Stars, and all of Life.

Like so many of us, I was called by Nature to be here. My family always lived near vast space, woods, and plains.  Our family holidays were camping in the mountains or swimming in the oceans... my family roots were outdoors with nature, with animals and the stars.  As a young child I would spontaneously communicate with Nature through my body- through movement and dance.  I would merge and shapeshift...and in turn the trees, water, the moon and animals moved me!  My body, its movement and all of Nature were One.

As my life continued, my movement and dance was focused into professional ballet and my thoughts wanted to "know" more....control movement, healing and find out how to "fix" ailments. My hunger and studies were fuelled by the need to know where this human form came from as if this would unlock the secrets to health.  This drive came with great experiences and knowledge but ultimately left me separated from my essence, my internal wisdom, reverence and trust of nature.  Illnesses, injuries, disharmony, and a great sense of loss moved in....so much that I began to shame this very form- this body that had connected me with nature.

Grace, Mother Earth and dear wisdom teachers began to show up in my life...to guide me into listening to the Truth and the wisdom of Nature and the body as Nature. With a broken body and a bruised spirit, these "angels" pointed me inwards to my own heart to reveal the deep wisdom that lies within all of us. The study of shamanism too arose also as if by chance! My spirit teachers and guides as well as Steve Serr here at Shamanism 101 welcomed me back to where I was those many years ago.

I know this human form is a sacred vessel with a light consciousness...given to us by the Great Oneness for so much more connection and communion than what we have been "taught". There are unseen powers and vast Love here available to us.  This is confirmed again and again even by the earliest students here embarking on this shamanic path.

As well as offering shamanic healing sessions, my specialties are in shamanic satsang, movement medicine and shamanic yoga. I am shown and given work that has to do with embodiment and physical expression- through movement, body, voice and dance. I meditate on the Hollow One, clear myself and allow Spirit to move through....to speak through this form.  As the Ancestors guide me and the plants and trees teach me, I am shown "we are held here".

I appreciate that while we are Light...at times we are shown and thrown (it seems) into the depths of challenges and 'darkness'... but that through honouring and deep listening we are lead to the gifts of even these challenges.  Like diamonds from coal, Grace and Spirit can guide us...may we open to them.

Teaching for Shaman College is a complete joy....I feel that we are brothers and sisters here... and if you are called to the Shamanic Ways, I want to encourage you to follow that call.  Let it deepen, let it develop, remain clear, remain open, and all of Nature will guide you.

I know that Safety, Ethics and Clarity are of essential importance...so I am very clear with all of our students that this path is to be revered and respected...that the benevolent Spirits require this.  And like any artist in the healing arts- the shamanic arts require a consistency of practice, of deepening the foundations and roots from which we work.


Degrees and Certificates

  • CST, Certified Shamanic Teacher
  • Shamanic Practitioner Training CSP, Level 1,2,3,Certificates in Shamanism
  • Director of Shaman College
  • Teacher for Shaman College
  • Founder of White Shell Yoga
  • Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • BA Anthropolgy, University of Washignton
  • Certified Franklin Method Teacher
  • Certified Aston Patterning
  • Certified in Aston Pilates
  • Certified Massage Practitioner
  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
  • Gong Healing Certificate


Catherine Center, Teacher


Welcome to our site and the opportunity to peruse the meaningful world of shamanism.  

To practice shamanism is to recognise that the seen and unseen are one thing; anything that is in physical form has a basis in Spirit, from a pebble to a human.  We are meant to be whole and at one with our own true spirit, which is at one with Creator. I believe we all have the inherent ability, and are meant to, discover this.  More than discover it – joyfully live it!  Live in oneness with the beautiful self we really are, and do what we are really meant to do, for the planet and one another. 


Though not all may agree that this is the purpose of shamanism, I agree with some others that the methodologies and safe practices of shamanism that are taught here provide a means of continual personal growth and awareness.   

Whether the specific practices are used to help another, the Earth or oneself, the fulfillment of conscious connection with Source is very much a work in progress and always will be. 

 I Am Here

Come, find me;

I am within; I am without.


Feel me in the breeze on a fine day

And in the strong winds of winter;


Sense me in the tiniest seedling

And the mightiest ancient tree;


Look into the eyes of the dog

And know that Wolf lives there

And is also within you.


Hear the timbre of birdsong

As you discern the pressure of soundwaves

Racing through your eardrums toward your heart

Noticing the leap in your heart as it returns its own waves;


I am there.


Hold a sip of water in your mouth,

Understanding that my wisdom is still present

Though it does not vibrate with the same intensity

After city-fication. 


Help to restore my watery truth through your love

As you hold me in your mouth.


Perceive me in the fire of the sun on a cloudy day

Knowing that I am radiating through the vapours of collected water;

A potent life force that is your own.


Let the most basic, everyday items feel caressed by your fingertips

As awareness flows through you

That I am in all things;


I am you.


One life force of unique designs

Some human, some not

Some visible, some not

Sharing this place we call Home;


The Home that is within; the Home that is without.


Come, find me…


Degrees, Certifications and Experiences 

Certified Shamanic Practitioner (CSP), graduate of Shamanism 101

Reiki (Level ll) Certification

Mindfulness and Trauma Training

Master’s in Counselling Psychology

Art Therapy Training

Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner

Chinese Medicine Level 1

Healing Touch Level ll

Reflexology Certification – Ingham Method

Therapeutic Touch Level lll Certification





Barbara Clark, Teacher

Hello, my name is Barbara, I am a shamanic practitioner, and a mentor with Shaman College. Being part of this beautiful team of shamanic mentors is an honour and a joy.


Within us all lie the seeds of potential that allow us to grow into what we truly are. Shamanism provides us with the tools to connect with this latent potential and break it’s dormancy. Teaching shamanism allows me to assist others in acquiring these tools. As a shamanic teacher, my intention is to enable students to locate and connect with the teacher within, just as my intention as a shamanic healer is to facilitate the client’s own inherent healing potential.



My current work as a shamanic practitioner focuses on Song, Plant work, shadow work, grounding life force through creativity. It is embedded deeply within the landscape of my island home, in a cycle of ceremony and ritual - a deep engagement with the natural world through the medium of shamanic practise.

My work with the Spirits heals and empowers me, stretches my soul like chewing gum . . .


The Munay-Ki Rites

Shamanism 101 Shamanic Practitioner Training Course: Levels 1, 2 & 3

Shamanism 101 Instructor Training Course Level 4

Heidi Kummli, Teacher

My art flows through my fingers with the greatest of ease. Each bead sewn down, knowing exactly where to rest. Like the hollow bone of a shaman, I allow spirit or perhaps the universe to express itself through me. I can’t take credit for the results, as it is deeper than myself.

Hello my name is Heidi, I was born in Southern California; by age 8 my family moved us to the mountains west of Boulder Colorado. I remember growing up among the pine trees, wildflowers, and abundant wildlife. My parents didn’t raise me with religion, but rather a spiritual connection to the Earth


Currently I live on 16 acres in the Indian Peaks Wilderness in Colorado at 9000 ft. elevation, with my husband Gregg, and two dogs. Our home is built off the grid, meaning we use the sun and a back up generator for our power. I have spent most of my life in quietude and solitude learning from that place deep within. Living among the forests and mountains spirits, whom have given me many lessons through out my life.

I stumbled across Steve Serr’s website, shamanism 101 in 2012. From the first unit I felt I had come home, the smell of the sage, learning to use your shamanic senses, connecting with spirit guides and teachers, all these things seemed so familiar some how. I feel as though I have practiced shamanism my whole life but never knowing what it was.

Shamanism is about bringing healing into the world, it’s about being the hollow bone so spirit can move through us to heal. But it is also about being connected to the Earth and all the diversity around us. Paying attention to the omens in our everyday lives. When we surround ourselves with this beautiful spiritual connection, honoring it through ceremony, and ritual, we ourselves can become whole. How can one heal others unless you yourself are healed?   

I was brought into this world to create my artwork, I use tiny seed beads, sewing each one in place to make jewelry and body adornment. Even as a child I was creating, it came naturally for me. I feel spirit flow through me when I am creating. Like my Chippewa Great Grandmother, we listen to our hearts and the beadwork just seems to flow, making a spiritual connection with the universe. My beadwork is a reflection of my surroundings; by incorporating animals and natural stones in my work I feel I bring healing into the world.

I also love to share my knowledge with my students, whether I am mentoring them to bead or guiding them through shamanism 101. They are my teachers; I learn so much from every one of them. They challenge me, they make me look at things in a different way, and they make me smile as I see them grow. What a wonderful gift to be able to share shamanism with someone, like a seed being planted, to spread beauty and spiritual healing into this world.

I don’t think of myself as a shaman but as an artist that practices shamanism. For me shamanism is a way of life. It takes work and dedication. All spiritual work is a labor of love, my shamanism flows through my art. I hope that I can share with my students, my clients, and all living being, the beauty that surrounds us all. No matter if you live in a city or wilderness, nature is all around us, we are nature. Embrace it; listen to it, be one with it.


We create beautiful things because

Beauty is what we see.

We use our hands that are guided by

Good thoughts.

What we make holds our feelings.

The creator has given us special gifts,

We share them with you.

~ Howard Rainer”


•CST, Certified Shamanic Teacher

•CSP, Certified Shamanic Practitioner

•Shamanistic Practitioner Training Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4

•Saul Bell Design Award 2003

•You Tube Video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPMox_n6yO0

•Master Teacher: The Colorado Bead Retreat 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

• Teacher and Artist of Bead Embroidery

• Author two books;“The Art of Bead Embroidery”, and “The Spirit of Bead Embroidery”.

• Website: www.heidikummlidesigns.com


Deborah Miller, Teacher

My own journey helped me to embrace this beautiful gift we all have access to. We have forgotten the ancestral wisdom that resides in each of us, and it is through this work that we begin to remember and become whole again. I have made it my life’s purpose to help people reclaim this ancient wisdom and restore themselves and the earth to wholeness. I hold ethics; protocol; honest intention for the highest good, and sincere communication with the compassionate spirits at the highest of standards. My goal is to teach these skills to a much broader range of people in the hopes of carrying on the healing ways of Shamanism.

It is my intention to inspire students to learn as much about themselves so they can "Be the Change". The change will reconnect them to their ancestral heritage of spiritual wisdom. Once students are knowledgeable about themselves, they can move forward to pass the traditions on to others.


I have a laid back, light and humorous spirit, and yet very deep at the same time. One of favorite Shamanic tools is looking to the cloud spirits for answers to questions. Cloud divination can be a very fun tool to add to your Shamanic Medicine Bag.

I am excited about being a teacher with Shaman College. The journey through this program has had a profound impact on my life and my purpose. I am now sharing my medicine through the vehicle of my healing center, Earth Rhythm Wellness – www.deborahlmillerchhc.com Shamanism 101 helped me to make my dream of owning and operating a healing center into a reality! I am so thankful for the compassion and dedication that Steve Serr & all the staff at Shamanism 101 has for passing the healing ways on to us!"

What Teaching Shamanism Means to Me: Teaching is opening up to become the hollow bone so the student can connect with their own wisdom, authenticity, compassion and authority.  Teaching Shamanism is not at all about providing answers, but rather it is about helping one to discover their own answers.  Teaching is not about being the authority, but rather it is about helping the student to find their own authority.  True teaching is guiding others to connect with their own guides in such a way that it empowers them and restores them to wholeness.  Teaching shamanism is about stepping aside in order to let the student step forward to tap into their own force, their own power, and their own healing to restore the fabric of their soul.  Teaching Shamanism is about enhancing one's own capabilities to expand their states of awareness and consciousness to establish and build meaningful relationships with their spirit helpers.  I firmly believe that I am not the teacher of Shamanism, but rather I am the Hollow Bone that connects others to the Spirit Guides that do the healing and the teaching.  I am merely the conduit that connects the student with the teacher.

Debbie lives in the beautiful area of the Thousand Islands in Upstate New York. The opportunities to explore, enjoy and be with nature are plentiful. Debbie grew up on the St. Lawrence River. Her father had a passion for the earth and all that is natural, and it was he who instilled that same passion in Debbie. Some of her fondest memories are those spent with her father in the woods, on a trail or in a boat on the river. Debbie’s mother was a plant whisperer in her own right. She treated her plants like her children giving them tender loving care. Debbie was inspired and awed by her mother’s ability to communicate with the plants and how she intuitively provided them with just what they needed. Debbie soon learned that the plants gave back in so many ways, and there is a mutual love and respect. You will often find Debbie sitting with the trees and the flowers listening and learning.

Debbie has known since she was a child that her purpose in life is to help others find the healing way. It wasn’t until she had her first session with a Shamanic Practitioner that she realized Shamanism was the path in which she would carry out her purpose. She completed an intensive shamanic apprenticeship, and she knew she found her "home" and a wholeness she had never known before. It was then she stopped searching to fill that void she was so familiar with. As a way to honor this gift, Debbie wants to pay it forward by helping others find their sacred wholeness.

In addition to teaching at Shamanism 101, Debbie works full time in the field of addictions. She also helps people to restore their power and regain their authentic spirit through her private practice - Earth Rhythm Wellness where she provides Shamanic Healing, Reiki, workshops and Holistic Wellness Coaching.


Degrees, Certifications, and Experiences

CST - Certified Shamanic Teacher

CSP – Certified Shamanic Practitioner

Reiki Master
B.A. - Psychology
A.A.S - Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Studies
Certified Holistic Health Couch – Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Board Certified with American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Certified Food Psychology Coach
Certified Tobacco Cessation Specialist
6 week Intensive Shamanic Apprenticeship
Certified Youth Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Mediumship training
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling
Residential Mental Health Counseling
Author of: Recipes for Success: Eating and Moving Your Way Towards a Tobacco-Free Life

Daniel Raccani, Teacher

The ancient path of Shamanism is the thread of interconnectedness that links us all through the web of life and is also the thread that can return all the pieces of us back to where they belong: To us.

This intense training which is Shaman College, is the jigsaw puzzle that brings together all the pieces of ourselves to complete our own individual puzzle;  all the lost, suppressed and fragmented bits for a complete return to wholeness.

Hi, My name is Daniel Raccani and I am a Shamanic practitioner from Australia, albeit with a very complex multicultural ancestral lineage ranging from Indian, Irish, German, Polish and Italian backgrounds. This ancestry though being somewhat difficult to live with growing up in Western Sydney is only now something I’ve come to truly appreciate as I understand the power and gifts that have come with such a unique mix of backgrounds.

I received my first initiatory experience into the world of spirit at the age of 22 months when during a convulsion I clinically died. It was from this time that I was called to from the world of spirit as they would take me each night on various soul flights and I’d often explore the lands of the dead and watch the newly dead either cross over into the light or stumble around lost and confused.

It was here I would show lost souls how to move into the light and it is only today after my training I’ve come to understand that the word for this type of work is pyschopomp. During these explorative journeys I was given insights into energy, souls, life, death and dying. 

Though I was born into a very spiritual family of clairvoyants and healers these abilities like many in the western world were not recognized and to be perfectly honest they actually frightened me as I grew older. So like many I enjoyed my connection to nature and hid that part of me away for many more years.

It wasn’t until I received another call from the spirit world, in the form of a life crisis and a near death experience in my late 20’s that would change the course and direction of my life. 

It was during this incident I was asked  by spirit to walk the sacred path of a wounded healer. Upon agreeing, the spirit of my true self and my spirit guides healed me from my paralysis and opened me up to the dormant  psychic and healing abilities that I had all my life.

I then embarked on a pilgrimage to my father’s homelands of India where I had many teachings from Sadhus, Sufi Mystics and Yogis before studying under Buddhist Lama Chamtrul Rinpoche at the Zilcon Kagyeling Nyingma Monastery in McCleodganji. Here is where I learnt various meditation techniques and dharma teachings.

I was also fortunate enough to be in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his teachings at his monastery in Dharamsala. I was a day away from becoming a monk, when a vision of me as a shaman with a drum, enlightened me to the fact the path of a Lama was not for me.

Upon returning to Australia, I have studied at the International Institute for Sacred Theatre, Creativity Psychotherapy, Spiritual Psychology and Antara Yoga and Meditation under the guidance of a internationally renown Spiritual Healer and clinical psychologist Stephanie Hurst.

I was then guided and initiated into earth bound spiritualism in the form of Shamanism, where I've had numerous teachers like Dr.Steve Serr  Phd who have taught me a variety of techniques from indigenous cultures to the basis of core shamanism. 

I live with my family on the far north coast of New South Wales, Australia in the coastal town of South Golden Beach nestled between sub tropical rainforests and white beaches, and in addition to teaching here at Shamanism 101 I run my own shamanic healing practice Golden Age Healings  where I facilitate my own courses, trainings and workshops in shamanism, as well as volunteering my  services to the underprivileged with the aim to help people to bring about healing and well- being to their lives by stepping into their true wholeness. 

“My goal is to help awaken as many individuals as possible to their true potential of Love and Compassion. As a society the sad fact is too many people live with their hearts closed and are governed by fear. We need to open ourselves up and reconnect with all our animal brothers, our earth mother and of course each other.”



  •  CST, Certified Shamanic Teacher
  • Shamanic Teacher Training
     CSP, Level 1, 2, 3 Certification in Shamanism
  •  Advance Certificate of Spiritual Healing
  • Intensive in Hawaiian Shamanic Healing
  • Masters Training Qualification in Creativity Counselling
    Certification, Working with Animal Spirit Guides
  • Diploma of Rebirth and Breathwork Practitioner
  • Meditation Instructors Diploma
  • Antara Yoga Teachers Diploma
     Training in Art Therapy
  • Training in Sacred Theatre 
     Certified in Metaphysics & Personal Development
  • Certification in Last Aid- Care for the Dying


Steve Serr Ph.D., M. Div, Founder of Shamanism 101

Unfortunately, not everyone has had the same opportunity to learn shamanism. Although access there have been plenty of retreats and these were ordinarily wide open, the resources to afford the expense of travel, tuition, food and lodging during a weekend or more away from home, were not available to more than a privileged stratum of society.

One person who felt this was wrong (even if perhaps unintentional) that there had been a real limitation of shamanic studies to what turned out to be an economically advantaged and educated, narrow range of people, was Dr. Steve Serr, who during his own training realized that our global, ancestral, shamanic spirituality was undeservedly being limited. For him, it was hard enough to scrape together the cash to go learn. But looking at those around him who had been able to do it, no matter what the reasons, shamanic education was sadly very limited to those who could afford it. What had been humanity’s original spiritual practices had somehow become more available to a financially advantaged segment of society.

That rubbed him the wrong way, and got him thinking about how shamanic instruction ever came to this. First, he tried to change this by offering live classes for practically nothing. That was short lived, as he quickly realized that he wasn't even meeting his own expenses for offering the class! The goal was laudable, but the approach was wrong. There had to be another way.

Shamanism has traditionally been taught in humble surroundings, even in the midst of nature. Shamans were not historically known to have large homes in the suburbs and a BMW on the driveway. Sure, there always have been mendacious teachers selling spiritual knowledge at high prices. And, there have always been a smaller segment of society who have been able to afford it. As Steve puts it: "People have been people, and shamans and students were and are, no exception.” The situation continued to bother him so he turned to creating a way to again widen the availability of shamanic information and return it to the world from which it came.

Moreover, there was another matter that made him grumpy. Contemporary civilization had long since lost shamanism’s village and tribal nature which had allowed for the time-honored, individual and sustained relationship between teacher and student. What had always been, had become a thing of the past. Given the limitations – and advantages – of the contemporary world, Steve insisted that we find a way to return to the teaching standards that shamanism had known since the dawn of human time. Again, Steve challenged this, and at one or another of the courses he attended, approached individuals whose shamanic practice seemed strong to see if he could receive from them a long-term, sustained mentorship. But alas, people would come from far and wide to take these classes, and return to their homes far away. Face-to-face, one-on-one mentorship was impossible in a world where learning was based on travel and intermittent gatherings.

Given the financial and logistical difficulties that students had even attending shamanic classes, there had grown a subtle, but omnipresent conception that learning shamanism required the physical presence of a teacher. Having himself taken some well-organized internet classes in other subjects, Steve realized that when an online curriculum was put together correctly, the contact between teacher and student became both individualized and sustained. Given the rebel that he was, he started to challenge this and explored up and down why such an idea even existed.

Since there was no 'sustained one-on-one' relationship between teachers and student in the educational gathering anyway (the teacher sat at the front, talked from a distance, and student broke off into groups of two or three to then practice what they had learned), where was this supposed benefit coming from by the teacher being somewhere in the same room?

It took him nearly two years to gather and sort through the tremendous amount of information about shamanic practice and healing that he had learned, test this against his own experience, filter through all of that and pick out the best practices, frame this within his own umbrella of understanding, test what he had brought together with face-to-face students, clarify what was unclear, and create a comprehensive, grounded, world-class curriculum. His goal was to provide an opportunity to learn shamanism worldwide where the costs of education and the access to education were no longer prohibitive. 

What he did was 'buck the system'. Willing to put up with initial public hesitation, some biting criticism, widespread professional disregard and negativity, he went ahead. The result was Shamanism 101.

So, Who is Steve

There is nothing remotely stuffy or mysterious-seeming about him. Just look at his photo. Steve doesn't try to put on an act, and even has referred to himself as "that geeky white guy". As a person, he is quite low key, generally avoids being out in public, doesn’t refer to himself as a shaman (though yes, he does tend to be somewhat reclusive), and becomes visibly uncomfortable when people call him that.

He says:

“I always wince a little when people try to call me a shaman. I mean, there is so much baggage that accompanies that term. We are not the practitioners of the past, but live in the very different world of the 21st century. The idea of a ‘shaman’ as ‘one who knows’ always sounded so mysterious and ‘booga-bo’ to me, when it is really not the shaman at all, but the spirits who are doing the healing work. Ok, the shaman has some difficult practices to get good at, and that can take a lot of work, and the learning curve can be quite steep. However, the shaman is part of the healing team with the compassionate spirits and any shaman who puffs him or herself up as being 'special' is just themselves, and trying to kid you: they can’t even begin to do divination or any kind of healing work... it's the spirits that do that. The shaman is more or less just along for the ride."

“My goal was to create a shamanic training program that could provide anyone with an exemplary foundation, that can even serve someone in a professional practice should they choose to pursue it. I succeeded at that, but learned a number of things along the way. Some people choose to study shamanism to become professional healers, and some, simply to be able to serve themselves and their friends. In all cases, they deserve have access to learn how to provide shamanic healing. But, there is something more which is probably most important to me, and something I bring into all of my classes: shamanism is a profound, personal, and lifelong path of growth and healing. It is a spiritual path. This is what truly inspired me."

“Actually, we can now study and learn shamanism in an unprecedented manner. The contemporary world has information and insight into the functioning of our universe that is new to humankind; information that our shamanic ancestors did not have! In some ways, we are always reinventing shamanism to meet the specific needs of an era. For instance, look at Shamanism 101! We now live in an online world, we no longer live in a tribal village, and these two facts of life make an obvious ‘fit’. Putting things like this together is nothing new. The shaman has always gathered the wisdom of the past, collected the knowledge of the present, and brought these things together.”

Steve’s research interests have fallen in three primary areas: The first, has been in creating a curriculum of studies in shamanism, focusing on the techniques and understanding that are most often shared among shamanic practitioners worldwide. His particular passion has been to enable the technological educational ability of the internet to allow a dramatically widened access to this ancient healing art so that anyone on the planet with a computer, could take part in a comprehensive and ‘benchmark’ training program. Secondly, he developed a new model of personal growth based on shamanic techniques, that supports individual discovery and development. Thirdly and amidst all of this, he explores and enjoys writing about the sacredness of nature with its potential to help heal the wounds of civilization, and reintegrate humanity with Gaia.

Currently, unable to stop himself from taking on more projects, he is incapable of 'retiring' in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Most recent adventure was becoming certified and registered as an emergency medical technician and has been responding with a New Mexico volunteer fire department.

Steve was once the founder and editor of an online ‘e-zine’ called Butterfly: The Journal of Contemporary Buddhism, and more recently, the first editor of The Marshall Creek Project Newsletter that later became Shamanism 101's ‘e-newsletter’ when Shamanism 101 began to take form, a newsletter that explores Earth-centered spirituality and understanding such as is found in shamanic practices, Earth-centered spiritualties and sacred naturalism.

“My bigger sense," he says, "...is that this all teaching and learning about shamanism and shamanic healing is because we are becoming aware of a dire need to protect, reconnect with, and heal both ourselves and our sacred Earth. I think there's no other way of explaining the big picture: we are being summoned back into a caring, intimate relationship with nature. I believe it is from here that our original spirituality appeared. It is really a joy to be a part of helping us return to it."


Degrees, Certifications, Experiences

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology

M.Div., Department of Ecology and Environmental Religious Studies

M.A., Government

B.A., Social Sciences

Three Year Training Program, Advanced Shamanism & Shamanic Healing

Two Week Intensive Course, Advanced Shamanism & Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Extraction Healing Training

Shamanism, Dying and Beyond

Shamanic Counseling Training Program

California Shamanism: Medicine of the Coastal Redwood Mountains

California Shamanism: Bear Medicine & Doctoring

Unraveling Curses

Basic Heart Centered Depossession Training

Advanced Heart Centered Depossession Training

Mediumship Training

2-Week Vision Fast Training

Mojave Desert Vision Quest

Inyo Mountain Vision Fast

California Men's Vision Fast

Certified Hypnotherapist (2)

Certificate in Clinical Pastoral Education

Certificate in Hospice Services

Certificate in Brief Therapy

Certificate in Paraprofessional Crisis Intervention

Certificate in Teaching Family Training

Certification Exam passed, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Level 2 Counselor

California Community College Instructor Credential

Registered Emergency Medical Technician, EMTB, New Mexico

R. T. Spano, Teacher

Shamanism has been an inspiring path for me, yet, although it is new on some level, on another it brings a sense of belonging that goes beyond the ordinary and the familiar. When I practice shamanism, I feel home as I remember and integrate ways that allow me to experience life with conscious awareness, meaning and purpose.

What I like about shamanism is the potential it holds to reveal a deeper and more valuable understanding of life itself, and the way we are all connected to a greater universal force that like an invisible thread connects everything, everywhere.

Like the many facets of the same diamond, shamanism brings us to experience different aspects of ourselves, so that we are given a chance to experience wholeness and become once more part of the eternal cycles of life, and perhaps, beyond even that.

In a world that seems to be so de-fragmented and lost, the extraordinary becomes available again, as we understand that all the cultures in the world share the very same spiritual practices that have been passed onto many generations, since the sands of time.

The need for spirituality and communion with the divine seems to be an innate skill and desire that all humans possess, at least, on some level.

Nowadays, such call has become even stronger and like an opposing force to the chaos that we have created, it gently reminds us that there is more to what we consider the limit of human potential.

Perhaps shamanism is a way to freedom, as we shed, one by one, the layers of limitation that, consciously or unconsciously, we have accumulated during our many trials and attempts to fully shine our true essence.

Certainly, it is not an easy task, however, I do believe that shamanism provides the spiritual tools that are needed to simply do the work, for it is by grounding the vision in the 'here and now' that the way we see this world and the many worlds can change.

Teaching shamanism for me is about just that: sharing the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind which renew itself as everyone is different and unique, and so are the ways it is understood, learned and experienced.

This is truly an enriching opportunity to continue the exploration and re-membering of our sacred origins. It is through direct revelation for there are no intermediaries in between; we simply relate to the vastness of the cosmos first hand.

As Antoine de Saint Exupéry says:

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea".

We all possess great powers within ourselves. One of them is the ability to envision our dreams and allow such hidden force to guide us in our journey as the fuel that ignites passion and involvement.

From this, many other qualities can be renewed, expressed and refined. Without any doubt, this requires commitment and dedication to the work, perhaps with a sense of curiosity and excitement as we turn inwardly, at last, to hear the inner voice that knows all and sees all.

I live and work in London, UK, where I continue to explore spirituality in its many aspects, sharing with clients from all around the world the joy and awe of such workings, on a regular basis.


BA Honours, French Literature and Cinema, Birkbeck College, London 
Dip. Music, Piano, Academy of Music, Italy 
CST (Certified Shamanic Teacher)
Shamanism, Certified Practitioner Training
Meditation, Inner Studies
Divination Course 
Metaphysical Healing & Therapy Training
Advanced Metaphysical Practitioner Training
Healing Ministry
Reiki, Levels 1, 2 and Master
Intuitive Arts 
Elemental Space Clearing
Earth Spirituality
Elements and Elementals
Certified Assertiveness Coach


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