Graduate Mentorship Units


Bespoke Mentorship to Your Specific Path

18 Units- from Living the Sacred Path and the latest Shaman College Certification, as well as bespoke units designed for you

Pre-requisite: Certified Shamanic Practitioner (from Shamanism 101 or Shaman College)

Video Meetings


Mentorship for Your Professional Practice

This offering is for those who are drawn to deepen their skills, and receive guidance as they grow as practitioners.

Bespoke to Your Needs

 First, we meet online through a video call and discuss where you are in your shamanic practice.  Where you would like to go with your work, and what kind of assistance feels best for you right now.

From there, we embark on a truly unique path of assignments and practices.

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18 units

We draw upon 18 Units from Shaman College's advanced courses- specific units that are a part of Living the Sacred Path and Shamanic Practitioner Training. We also design specific and unique assignments bespoke to you and your path.

While some of these units may be familiar to you... others will be new.

Either way, your assignments will be specifically created for your personal and professional work.

You Will Be Lovingly Pushed!

This mentorship will be challenging at times as you will be pushing the boundaries of your practice. Asking big questions and really shaping and revealing the true gifts that you have here to offer this world.

You will dive into depths of healing and intricacies, challenges and nuances that arise when we work with shamanic healing at this level.

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Unique Assignments

Some of you are integrating your other healing modalities- you want to explore the inter-relationships of these techniques.

You may be wanting to study new pieces of the non-ordinary OR the ordinary realities.  Or both!

This is a development of your unique shamanism at a level that is advanced.  The world needs this- that is coming through you.

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Please let us know your mentor's name... often we are able to have you continue with the same teacher you worked with previously!

Please note, we are currently moving our office from the UK to the USA and our tuition will be in USA dollars. Please register your interest in this course with us here.

Graduate Mentorship Units


for Shamanic Practitioners

  • Bespoke Assignments
  • 18 Units
  • 4 - 30 minute meetings
  • 2 Years of Mentorship
  • group meetings with current full certification students and other practitoners

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