White Shell Wisdom - Shamanic Pathways for Yoga


One lesson a week for 15 weeks. (Lifetime Access to the material.)

Integrate shamanic consciousness into your yoga practice.

All yoga traditions are welcome.

Nature Rituals

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A Sacred and Parallel Path of Shamanism and Yoga

In nature, there are symbiotic pairs... they are species that flourish together. I can not see a separation of yoga and shamanism anymore.  I believe that they belong together.  And I welcome you to explore this for yourself.

Kimba Bridgeman - Director, Shaman College

A message to yoga teachers and advanced practitioners...

You have a powerful and important role here... every week, perhaps every day teaching and working with a practice that has the potential to heal and bless this earth and all existence through space and time.

We can no longer allow those 4 walls of the studio to fool us... there is a calling for you to fly through the space, and call upon the ancients, to move with mother earth, and let your yoga be a living prayer.

You can do this while at the same time honouring the yoga tradition that you love.

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In this 15 week course - you begin to bathe and soak in the consciousness of shamanism... as you invite its wisdom into your yoga practice.

Yoga teachers and dedicated students of all forms of yoga are welcome.  We do not change your physical practice... yet we arrive through a very special portal.  Each week, you are invited to experience your yoga through the sensitivities of shamanism.  This will impact your practice and your teaching in beautiful ways.

Our time together is organised in 5 triads or chords of content... each 3 week chord carries a family of awareness.

Allowing your sensitivity to grow and develop organically through the course.

One doesn't 'learn' shamanism, they become it...

One of the best ways to embody this consciousness is through your own yoga practice.

Each week includes a 20-30 minute video lesson which guides your focus for the week ahead. A nature practice is recommended to further your exploration.

Triad/Chord 1: A Living Universe

This chord is a soothing awakening with 3 weeks of opening up to life in a new and yet familiar way. An early and innate knowing is honoured as you return to this living universe.

 Week 1: Through these eyes everything is alive.

Week 2: Your yoga can emerge from your natural body.

Week 3: Movement heals inwards and outwards through the fluid of space.

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Triad/ Chord 2: Sacred Orientation

On any journey- we have mapped the stars, traced the sun and moon, and followed the tides and seasons...these 3 weeks dedicate to our life entwined with rhythms, expression, and flow.

Week 4: The directions breathe within your movements.

Week 5: You are a channel of earth and stars.

Week 6: Where the elements dance - discover alchemical movements.

Traid/ Chord 3: Circles and Lineage

While we have been conditioned to see separation, there is really a vast web of connection - many circles, lineages and helping spirits drawn together and united through each one's existence.

Week 7: The spheres of connection that move with you.

Week 8: Honour the sacred lineage of each being.

Week 9: Invite the spirits to breathe with you.

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Traid/ Chord 4: Movement as Revelation

Shamanism is a path of direct revelation... while the trails and the records may be here, your footsteps, your unique fingerprint and how this unfolds is unique to you.

Week 10: Your powers of sensitivity and intention.

Week 11: Remember through movement.

Week 12: Cleansing and clearing- reveal what is here.

Triad/ Chord 5: Receiving and Generating

Our human vessels, these sacred instruments are both receptors of energy and information, and they are generators of healing and blessings. We open to these potentials and dance with them... dreaming a new peace into existence.

Week 13: Light moves through your water to the shore.

Week 14: Your body is the the Earth's body.

Week 15: Your energy centres and the subtle senses through shamanic vistas.

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Please note, we are currently moving our office from the UK to the USA and our tuition will be in USA dollars. Please register your interest in this course with us here.

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