Contributors and Colleagues

Our shamanic family members who have given so much to our courses and community. 

Steve Serr Ph.D., M. Div, Founder (at that time we were called, Shamanism 101)

Unfortunately, not everyone has had the same opportunity to learn shamanism. Although access there have been plenty of retreats and these were ordinarily wide open, the resources to afford the expense of travel, tuition, food and lodging during a weekend or more away from home, were not available to more than a privileged stratum of society.

One person who felt this was wrong (even if perhaps unintentional) that there had been a real limitation of shamanic studies to what turned out to be an economically advantaged and educated, narrow range of people, was Dr. Steve Serr, who during his own training realized that our global, ancestral, shamanic spirituality was undeservedly being limited. For him, it was hard enough to scrape together the cash to go learn. But looking at those around him who had been able to do it, no matter what the reasons, shamanic education was sadly very limited to those who could afford it. What had been humanity’s original spiritual practices had somehow become more available to a financially advantaged segment of society.

Catherine Center, Teacher


Welcome to our site and the opportunity to peruse the meaningful world of shamanism.  

To practice shamanism is to recognise that the seen and unseen are one thing; anything that is in physical form has a basis in Spirit, from a pebble to a human.  We are meant to be whole and at one with our own true spirit, which is at one with Creator. I believe we all have the inherent ability, and are meant to, discover this.  More than discover it – joyfully live it!  Live in oneness with the beautiful self we really are, and do what we are really meant to do, for the planet and one another. 

Barbara Clark, Teacher

Hello, my name is Barbara, I am a shamanic practitioner, and a mentor with Shaman College. Being part of this beautiful team of shamanic mentors is an honour and a joy.


Within us all lie the seeds of potential that allow us to grow into what we truly are. Shamanism provides us with the tools to connect with this latent potential and break it’s dormancy. Teaching shamanism allows me to assist others in acquiring these tools. As a shamanic teacher, my intention is to enable students to locate and connect with the teacher within, just as my intention as a shamanic healer is to facilitate the client’s own inherent healing potential.

Heidi Kummli, Teacher

My art flows through my fingers with the greatest of ease. Each bead sewn down, knowing exactly where to rest. Like the hollow bone of a shaman, I allow spirit or perhaps the universe to express itself through me. I can’t take credit for the results, as it is deeper than myself.

Hello my name is Heidi, I was born in Southern California; by age 8 my family moved us to the mountains west of Boulder Colorado. I remember growing up among the pine trees, wildflowers, and abundant wildlife. My parents didn’t raise me with religion, but rather a spiritual connection to the Earth