Chakras in Shamanic Healing

Self- Healing Initiations as you travel through the realms of your chakras

Open to graduates of our Shamanic Practitioner Programme

Personal Mentorship with Kimba

7 + months intensive practice

Each chakra is another realm. They are worlds within the non-ordinary worlds that you travel.

At this level of practice there is both guidance and 'instruction' but for each practitioner, the course will be a completely unique experience.

Watch Kimba and the introduction and welcome video:


What does it mean to work with the chakras shamanically?

This way is one of direct revelation which allows you to travel to your chakras. With your helping spirits, you are guided through the process.

When we come like this, we cannot simply repeat and recite what has come before us.  Yes, we are informed.  Yet, we must be ready to break free of how the chakras have been defined previously.

New colours, new aspects, refinements, and understanding will be shown specifically to you.

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Each chakra holds multiple initiations.

This course is filled with self-initations because you are going deep with your own self-healing.  It has to be this way as you are diving into primary energetic centres within your existence and the healing by its very nature breaks down old patterning and opens up new opportunities of expression.

Self-Healing Focus

This mentorship does not include client sessions.  It is for you.  Of course, it will naturally fuel your work with your clients.  However, the material, the practices and the feedback from your mentor is all for you.

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7 Units

This course will likely take you about a month per unit/ per chakra.  You will want to give yourself between 7 and 12 months to complete it.  We can discuss extensions if you need one.

For Shamanic Practitioner Graduates

While this material is profound and we have seen no other offering like this, at this time we can only invite Shamanic Practitioners.

This is because the level of sessions you will be doing on yourself will integrate all of the techniques (and more) that you have already practiced.

You need to have a thorough understanding of multiple advanced modalities and be able to journey extremely well to proceed with this one.

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Chakras in Shamanic Healing


Graduate Shamanic Practitioners

  • Private mentorship for 7-12 months
  • Includes 2 online video calls
  • Lifetime Access to Materials