White Shell Yoga

Free access through June 30, 2020...

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Introduction to White Shell Yoga
4 White Shell Yoga Classes/ Kriyas

"I invite you to join me in this free video series...

These shamanic yoga practices have been shown to me over the last 3 years, and now they are to come into the world. They have been specifically given to YOU! 

As well as guiding you through these yoga- journeys, I also share about my own history and experience.  And insights into how your body is a sacred vessel that dances with Spirit."

Kimba Bridgeman - Director of Shaman College

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White Shell Yoga is a self-revelatory shamanic movement practice...


Deeply listen to your sacred body - and begin to heal your relationship with form.


Discover movement that is fluid and expressive.


Reveal powers and potential that are within your form - your body carries a wisdom of all time.


Enjoy a yoga practice that comes from the spirit realms - the sessions were given to us from the ancestors of light.


Move with Mother Earth - all movement comes from this relationship.


Allow movement to heal - through the inter-connections of body, heart and spirit.


Experience the soul medicine of movement - these sessions carry energetic signatures that come through in movement journeys.

4 White Shell Yoga Sessions included:

Roots and Soil

Blossoms Ritual

Set Your Seeds Free

Sekhmet, the Sun Goddess

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