Shaman College Courses

Shamanic Practitioner Training, Self-Development, and Graduate Studies

Shamanism for Self-Healing/101

Recovering Myself

This course, Recovering Myself, is our foundation programme by Dr. Steve Serr.  It is a personally mentored course and serves as both guidance for those focusing on their own healing and as the pre-requisite for students wanting to become shamanic practitioners. This is where we begin...we heal ourselves so we may offer healing to others.

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Shamanic Practitioner Training and Shaman College Certification

This is Shaman College's core programme offering personal mentoring throughout the course, comprehensive studies, and in-depth Shamanic practice. You gain the experience and coaching to offer safe, ethical and effective healing to others. We offer both online studies and in-person live courses.

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In-Person Shamanic Practitioner Training

A small group of 8 practitioners in training over 2 years, to include 4 immersive weeks in Spain at a retreat location and supplemental coursework online with a mentor. 2020-2022

Coming Home- Intro Course

A week- bringing shamanism into your life.

We welcome you to enroll in Shaman College and begin with our free introductory course. It is a week-long course with videos, audios and reading to assist you in brining shamanism into your life.  Get to meet some of our teachers and get to know how we work with our students on this sacred path.

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Living the Sacred Path- Advanced Course 

More and more people are turning to shamanism for self-healing. This is an in-depth course that covers many of the techniques, initiations, and exploration that happens in our core training for practitioners...without the practices that bring healing to another.  This allows you to really focus on your own growth and healing and receive the personal mentorship needed for this type of work.

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Your Spirit Allies- 7 week course for all levels (next course begins March 1, 2020)

Right now, in this moment, you have a rich network of helping spirits supporting you from all directions... this course helps you to strengthen your awareness and receptivity of this help as a day to day living truth. Your senses open and most importantly your perceptions shift from separation to connection... from seeking to receiving.  This is an abundant, healing and beautiful life, reaching out for you!  Are you able to receive this?

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