Shamanic Practitioner Training and Shaman College Certification

Our in-depth Shamanic Practitioner Training and Certification.  This training comprises of 36 units of study over 2- 3 years. Each student works with a teacher who personally mentors them through the whole course. Additionally, there are group meet-ups and support from the whole team.

If you haven't already, please read the thorough description of this course in the "Study with Us" section of this website.

Pre-Requisite: completion of Shamanism for Self-Healing OR Shamanism 101 Level 1 and a recommendation from their mentor.

Each student in our programme has demonstrated:

  • a relative ease with their journeying ability
  • can email in detailed homework assignments
  • upholds good student-mentor communication
  • has the ability to keep up the recommended pacing
  • has demonstrated a high level of health and safety and responsibility within their shamanic self-practice.


The course has 36 units that takes between 2 to 3 years to complete depending on the individuals coursework and pacing. Each unit should take between 2 and 3 weeks to complete. We expect each student to complete their training within the window of 3 years. (this allows extra time when needed) 

Payment Schedule and Policies:

- the full course (£1950) is to be paid in full by the first 10 months.  The schedule of payments is available over 10 months or a payment in full option.

- If you need an extension to finish your studies beyond the 3 years, you may apply for an extension of 4 months at a fee of £100

- Full refunds are available within the first 60 days of the training (minus the non-refundable enrollment fee (£195).

- Students who are delinquent in paying their course fees may be de-enrolled from the programme.

- Students who demonstrate unsafe practices for themselves or others, threatening behaviour towards their mentor or other students, or for other reasons seem unfit and unsafe to continue will be asked to leave the course with no refund.

Further Notes

Pregnancy- because of the energetic and spiritual nature of this work as well as the working through initiations and practices that require your full grounding, safety and power, we do not allow pregnant women to participate in the training. If you become pregnant during your coursework, we will work with you to take a break and pick back up at a later time.

Requirement to have Practice Clients- you will be doing at least 20 sessions with practice clients over the 2 plus years.  You will need a number of practice clients willing to receive shamanic healing.


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