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Please note due to our private mentoring programme, we have a maximum enrollment of only 10 students per course.

2019 Start dates: Jan 1, March 1 and May 1 (More dates to be announced. Please check individual courses for further dates.)

Coming Home- Into Course.

A week- bringing shamanism into your life. We welcome you to enroll in Shaman College and begin with our week-long intro course for Free!

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Shamanism for Self-Healing: Shamanism 101

£340.00 GBP

This ten unit series by Shamanism 101's founder, Dr. Steve Serr,  is our prerequisite to all more advanced classes, and was created to provide the foundation on which a personal or professional shamanic practice rests. If you sought for a course in self-discovery and growth that would at the same time provide an Earth-solid training base in essential shamanic practice, you found it. Our course is personally mentored and takes between 7 and 10 months to complete. If you haven't already, ...

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Shamanic Practitioner Training and Shaman College Certification

£1,950.00 GBP

Our in-depth Shamanic Practitioner Training and Certification.  This training comprises of 36 units of study over 2- 3 years. Each student works with a teacher who personally mentors them through the whole course. Additionally, there are group meet-ups and support from the whole team. If you haven't already, please read the thorough description of this course in the "Study with Us" section of this website. Pre-Requisite: completion of Shamanism for Self-Healing OR Shamanism 101 Level 1...

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The Path: Advanced Studies for Self-Healing

COMING SOON. This is our fully mentored Advanced Self-Healing course for those who want the in- depth training similar to our Practitioner Course without the focus on offering healing to others.

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Certification Training - amended for Level 2 graduates

£1,300.00 GBP

This version of our full certification was specifically designed for our Shamanism 101 Level 2 graduates. This is a 24 unit amended version of our full Shaman College Practitioner Certification Training.  (the full version is 36 units). This course includes the reworked and expanded versions of the old Shamanism 101 Level 3 material plus 12 new units.  You will also be given some of the reworked Shamanism 101 Level 2 units for your review....but you will not be asked to do those a...

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