In-Person Shamanic Practitioner Training

4 Retreats in Spain

and Online Studies



A small group of 8 practitioners in training over 2 years, to include 4 immersive weeks in Spain at a retreat location and supplemental coursework online with Kimba. Retreat weeks are November 2020, April 2021, November 2021 and April 2022. Exact dates TBA

Shamanic Practitioner Training and Shaman College Certification

In-Person- Core Shamanic Practitioner Training

In -Person Shamanic Certification Course

Shaman College's core training is now available as a live, in-person course.

With a small group of 8 colleagues, we are able to cover and go deeply with the material over 2 years.  During which, every 6 months, you will come together for a total of 4 immersive weeks on retreat in Spain.

In-between the retreat weeks, you will continue your assignments, initiations and practice at home and be personally mentored by Kimba through email correspondence.

The immersive weeks allow you practice many healing sessions with each other, to observe healing sessions, and to receive sessions.

We will also include units of study that require group work- these are healings that are performed in a circle and can be offered to communities.

Finally, this training includes the full coursework of our online programme, plus 1/2 of the Living the Sacred Path coursework.


4 Immersive Retreats in Spain

Our retreat weeks take place at a beautiful villa on a powerful mountain in the town of Javea, in the Costa Blanca region of Spain. 

The villa has 2 private rooms and 3 shared rooms with plenty of space for group work and silent reflection.

We have a chef for us preparing healthy and local, fresh food.

Personal and Online Work between Retreats

Between retreat weeks, you continue your practice at home - going through the coursework that involves initiations, journeying and personal rituals.

Kimba mentors you during this time through online correspondence and video calls.

24 months of Training

Because of the immersive weeks, we are able to cover a large amount of content within 2 years.

You are able to practice and observe healing sessions and support each other in a group through our processes of self-healing and expression


Core Practitioner - 36 Units

Practitioner Training is a building and deepening process, each lesson carries profound healing and opening. We know that you are not just 'learning' techniques but you are developing and discovering your Self... a metamorphosis of sorts is happening, this takes time and focus...and Spirit's guidance.

Practitioner Training Page

18 units of Living the Sacred Path

Throughout the training, you will also have access and cover material that is included in our Living the Sacred Path course- some of this material will be included during the retreat weeks while other units will be included during the interim weeks.

Living the Sacred Path Page

Specific Group Practices- For Community Healing

There are shamanic practices that require a group to participate in. Including drum circles, chanting and dancing gatherings, as well as group nature walks, group prayers and blessings and ceremonies for births and deaths.

Online Meetings

Over the 2-year course, we will have private group video online meetings. And we encourage you to join the optional, teacher-led larger group meetings with practitioners from all over. These allow you to meet other students and learn from each others' questions and experiences.

Course Tuition and Registration

Course fees include all tuition, room and food at the villa in Spain. It does not include air flights or airport transfers to the villa.

Total Course Fees


Payment in Full OR payment plans available

(our students live in many different countries, to find out the current exchange rate, click here)


  • 36 Units of our Core Curriculum
  • 18 Units of our Living the Sacred Path Curriculum
  • Extra units - specifically group work
  • 4 week-long retreats in Spain including room and board
  • Private Mentor throughout
  • Regular Group Online Meetings (optional)
  • Shaman College Certificate/ Diploma upon successful graduation


Please email [email protected] to register your interest.

Tuition and Policies


- Completion of Shamanism 101 Level 1 OR Shamanism for Self-Healing/ Recovering Myself by Steve Serr

- Recommendation from your mentor that you have a good journeying ability,  demonstration of safety in self practice, ability to keep up the pace of our trainings, and ability to communicate through written homework assignments

-Online meeting with Kimba to get acquainted and check-in as to whether or not this is the best option.

Tuition:  £5200 and includes 54 plus Units of instruction, practice, homework and a private Instructor to support you every step of the way.

There are 2 payment options- you may pay in full OR you may pay in instalments. £1300 is due 2 months before each of the 4 retreats.

50% of the retreat fees are refundable with 1 month's notice to the retreat.

Over the 2 years, you meet-up with your mentor 3 times for 20 minutes each on either a video or phone online call.

We have regular group meet-ups that you are welcomed to attend.  These are recorded for your viewing later if you happen to miss one.

Certification: Upon successful graduation within the required time period, you receive a paper diploma as a Certified Shamanic Practitioner. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

[email protected]


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