Shamanic Practitioner Training and Shaman College Certification

Core Shamanic Practitioner Training

"I never thought that taking this course would develop me as a person as much as it has. All my life I have loved the animals and the earth, nature. I always felt drawn to the indigenous people and the way they live so closely with nature and the elements. I feel I was born in the wrong time or maybe reborn in this time but living as they did in a previous life. This course has brought me home, I feel the connection, it has rekindled in me something that has always been there. I never thought I would look forward to getting my homework assignment but I do, every assignment a new challenge and awaking in me. I look forward to the next level of training to see where it might lead me"

Far from being the ‘wild one’, a shaman is actually more grounded and mentally healthy than the average individual: they have to be in order to do what they do.

Bringing Healing to Others

If you are called to this, you have already been well along the path of self-healing. Your power, self-control and wisdom must be well-developed in order to learn such practices as extraction, soul and power retrievals, and psychopomp. You must be emotionally strong and insistent on self-development in order to undergo the ancient initiatory practices. You will encounter ethical and spiritual challenges because you are now ready to work with others. 

We offer this intensive, personally mentored programme that at times will push you into your growth and development as a person and as a shamanic practitioner. Ultimately, it prepares you for a grounded, ethical, safe, and beautiful shamanic healing practice.

Shamanism for Self-Healing- Shamanism 101 (pre-requisite)

Practitioner Training is the continuation of the dedicated student’s growth from one who personally practices shamanism, to one who becomes a shamanic practitioner for others, and requires successful graduation of our foundation course in order to enroll.

As you embark and try on the shaman’s shoes, you will begin to accept the challenges of bringing healing and information to those who ask. This is far from being a ‘shaman’, however it is many steps beyond the self-work, journeying and basic shamanic understanding that you gained in Shamanism for Self-Healing - Shamanism 101.

Foundation Course Details

The mentor-student dialogue deepens and is perhaps unlike any other known, except between shamans and students.

Personal Mentor

Each student is assigned a private instructor who mentors and supports you every step of the way. Our teachers are all certified shamanic practitioners and certified practitioner trainers.  This is an essential aspect of our training...that you always have someone who you can turn to.  The Instructor also provides the push that you may need to look deeply and keep your fire burning.

Comprehensive Studies- 36 Units

Practitioner Training is a building and deepening process, each lesson carries profound healing and opening. We know that you are not just 'learning' techniques but you are developing and discovering your Self... a metamorphosis of sorts is happening, this takes time and focus...and Spirit's guidance.

24 - 36 months of Training

This course takes from two to three years to complete depending on your pacing and life's other plans. Basically it takes time to hone your skills, to develop your practice and this simply cannot be rushed. At the same time, we want you to complete your units in 2 or possibly 3 weeks each.

Online Training Flexibility

We offer the complete and mentored training all through the internet.  This allows you to study wherever you live.  Sometimes its not possible for you to leave home and travel to a training.  Here you get as close as we can to one-on-one mentoring.  And also receive the benefits of having a whole team of mentors from Shaman College holding the light.

Practice Clients

Right from the start of this training you begin working with practice clients. It is required that you find and work with is a great opportunity to offer your services to friends, family and stretch out too to your community.  We want you to be able to step out of this training smoothly into a professional practice. 

Online Meetings

Over the course you will have the opportunity to meet privately with your teacher 3 times.  And we encourage you to join the optional, teacher-led group meetings so you can meet other students and learn from each others' questions and experiences.

Option to take the Course Live in a Group Setting

By autumn 2019, we will offer our Shamanic Practitioner Training in person.  This training is a combination of the online material, personal Instructor, and group gatherings taught by our mentors in the UK, USA and Australia.

Details Coming soon

"I feel that shamanism is now such a part of, and a way of, life for me. I think one of the most important things that you have done for me throughout this journey is the way you have taught me to integrate all the feelings I had about the Earth, spiritual healing, and humanity and bring it all together to live it fully… "

You will experience not only the shaman’s world, but the necessary work that goes into this. 

The following and more are topics included in this training:


Safety and ethics in shamanism

Power animal retrieval

Soul work


Cutting cords


Feather work

Cleansing with herbs and plants

Drumming and rattling

Creating sacred tools

Shamanic Initiations

Soul sounding

Word, sound, and dance doctoring

Ancestors and Decendents

Plant Spirits

Elements and Nature Spirits

Rock Portals

Ceremony and Rituals

Merging, healing modailites and direct divination.

Throughout history, the essential shamanic practice of merging has traditionally been recognized as one of the most useful ways to learn from spirit helpers and integrate the power that is associated with them. Hence, much of this training is devoted to learning a breadth of divination and healing practices that rely on merging. Modalities such as human words, song, and even dance are experienced. By now, you are actually ready for advanced forms of divination and merging, including the initially daunting practice of direct divination. 

Personal projects, shamanic tools, drumming and rattling.

You will be mapping your psycho-spiritual realms and beginning to gather a personal book of practices and discoveries that you will be able to refer back to throughout the years ahead. As with all shamans throughout history, you will start creating and gathering important shamanic tools, such as a Siberian Eye Curtain and your Outfit/Medicine Bag, and you will learn to empower these. You will learn to journey simply with the use of a rattle, and then develop this to your drum. You learn how to contact the compassionate spirits who want to express themselves through you. 

Client protocols, safety, ethics, and working with spiritual toxins.

Because you are learning to work with others, our students take what is an unusual – in terms of most contemporary shamanic coursework – broad and comprehensive look at the kinds of characteristics that can show up in clients that might alert you to potential complications and client issues, as well as develop strategies to handle these if they happen. People often ask about the shamanic practice of extraction: yes this sometimes feared, delicate and significant practice is taught, as well as the safe handling of spiritually toxic material. We can teach these things at this point in your development because by now, you have learned to journey and practice safely, you have the necessary spirit help, and you are sufficiently empowered to do the work.

Ancient, important and traditionally tested shamanic initiations necessary for the maturing of a practitioner.

Time-honored and intentionally shrouded from view, these are experiences that are rarely, if ever spoken of openly. An initiatory experience is a sacred time when a practitioner’s relationship with the spirit world is deepened and where self-understanding grows. Here is where a practitioner is more fully opened to the worlds both seen and unseen. Initiations solidify the deeper understanding and provide a insight that is difficult to otherwise achieve. 

Now you are ready to begin to walk as a shaman...

Students are now readied for the delicate nature of working with souls, soul fragmentation and methods of soul recovery. Shamanic soul retrieval is one of the most broadly known of shamanic healing practices, yet is ironically one of the least understood. Soul work requires significantly more delicacy, capability, awareness and sensitivity than that which is demanded by many other avenues of shamanic practice. In this course, you will learn how to see souls, hear them sing, and engage with them during the important process of reintegration.

Entering the realms of soul work, middle world work, and the practice of soul retrieval. Where before these realms were carefully avoided because of the risks involved, they have by now become safe because of the knowledge, awareness, ability and personal power that has been carefully built up through this training.

One important reason why training demands such a high proficiency is that the trickier middle world work is also examined. Difficult matters regarding death and non-transcended souls are explored up close. So that the practitioner can help find and release such souls, the student learns the crucial work of psychopomp. The unfortunate practice known as soul stealing is likewise addressed, including ways to compassionately, safely, and successfully assist in the recovery and healing steps that becomes necessary.

Course Tuition and Registration

Total Course Fees


(our students live in many different countries, to find out the current exchange rate, click here)

Option fo make monthly payments over 10 months.

36 Units of Study over 2 to 3 years

Private Mentor throughout

3 Online Meetings with Your Teacher (20 minutes each)

Regular Group Online Meetings (optional)

Shaman College Certificate/ Diploma upon successful graduation


Enrollment is now Open

Tuition and Policies


- Completion of Shamanism 101 Level 1 OR Shamanism for Self-Healing/ Shamanism 101

- Recommendation from your mentor that you have a good journeying ability,  demonstration of safety in self practice, ability to keep up the pace of our trainings, and ability to communicate through written homework assignments

Tuition:  £1950 and includes 36 Units of instruction, practice, homework and a private Instructor to support you every step of the way.

There are 2 payment options- you may pay in full or you may pay in monthly payments of £195. 

Most students will complete the coursework in 2 years.  However, we do give you a deadline of 36 months to complete this course- this allows you extra time if you need it.  The recommended pace is 2-3 weeks maximum per unit.

If you need more time, you can have an extension of 4 months for a fee of £100.

If you have not completed in the given time, you must re-enroll.

Full refunds (minus £195 enrollment fee) are granted within the first 60 days.

You receive the units in order straight from your mentor.  There are reading and practice assignments.  Then, you are required to write-up a detailed report of your homework and email it to your mentor.  Upon receiving your assignment, your mentor will give you feedback, suggestions, encouragement and sometimes will ask you to go back and do a bit more work! Once you have successfully completed the unit, your mentor will email you the next unit.

Over the 2- 3 years, you meet-up with your mentor 3 times for 20 minutes each on either a video or phone online call.

We have regular group meet-ups that you are welcomed to attend.  These are recorded for your viewing later if you happen to miss one.

Certification: Upon successful graduation within the required time period, you receive a diploma as a Certified Shamanic Practitioner. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 


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