Living the Sacred Path

Advanced Practices in Shamanism for Personal Healing, Growth and Enjoyment

Having completed our foundation course, many students want to continue their studies and receive the mentorship. Yet, they are not drawn to becoming a shamanic practitioner... Spirit is calling them nonetheless to deepen their self practice.

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Living the Sacred Path

This course is a continuation of the dedicated student’s growth from our foundation practices.

These students have demonstrated and excellence in shamanic self-practice and want to continue their studies.  However, they are not being called to become a shamanic practitioner.

This course requires successful graduation of our foundation course, Shamanism for Self-healing/101 in order to enroll.

Find out more about Shamanism for Self Healing 101/ Recovering Myself

The mentor-student dialogue continues to be an invaluable cornerstone of this training.

Personal Mentor:

Each student is assigned a private instructor who mentors and supports you every step of the way. Our teachers are all certified shamanic practitioners and certified practitioner trainers.  This is an essential aspect of our training...that you always have someone who you can turn to.  The Instructor also provides the push that you may need to look deeply and keep your fire burning.

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Comprehensive Studies - 36 Units

Living the Sacred Path is a building and deepening process, each lesson carries profound healing and opening. We know that you are not just 'learning' techniques but you are developing and discovering your Self... a metamorphosis of sorts is happening, this takes time and focus...and Spirit's guidance.

24-36 months training

Running alongside our Practitioner's course, this course takes from two to three years to complete depending on your pacing and life's other plans. Basically it takes time to hone your skills, to develop your practice and this simply cannot be rushed. At the same time, we want you to complete your units in 2 or possibly 3 weeks each.

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Online Training Flexibility

We offer the complete and mentored training all through the internet.  This allows you to study wherever you live.  Sometimes its not possible for you to leave home and travel to a training.  Here you get as close as we can to one-on-one mentoring.  And also receive the benefits of having a whole team of mentors from Shaman College holding the light.

Online Meetings

Over the course you will have the opportunity to meet privately with your teacher 3 times.  And we encourage you to join the optional, teacher-led group meetings so you can meet other students and learn from each others' questions and experiences.

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Living the Sacred Path takes the self-healing, true expression, and personal rituals more deeply into your life. 

The following and more are topics included in this training:


Anyone who embarks on this path has a deep love for nature, ritual and the helping spirits. They know that there is not a separation between their own personal work with the Spirits and the vibratory impact on the world all around them.

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Please note, we are currently moving our office from the UK to the USA and our tuition will be in USA dollars. Please register your interest in this course with us here.

Course Tuition and Registration


Option to make monthly payments over 10 months.

36 Units of Study over 2 to 3 years

Private Mentor throughout

3 Online Meetings with Your Teacher (20 minutes each)

Regular Group Online Meetings (optional)

Living the Sacred Path certificate of completion upon successful graduation