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Your Spirit Allies and this "Extra- Ordinary" Reality

with Kimba Bridgeman

(Limited Offer through June 20, 2019)

This is an interconnected Universe, and your life was made for it!  All around you, are helping Spirits reaching out, holding you, and clearing your path. Connecting with them in your daily life is a physical experience as your body and your senses live in a dance with existence.

In this lesson, you will explore:

  • Eyes as receivers of light - and connections with the Plant Allies
  • Your bones, and body carry the wisdom of the Ancient Soul Ancestors
  • Your body is a Spirit Ally
  • Angel Spirits- their light and their lift
  • Tree Spirits asking you to stand in your Truth
  • Animal Allies across Mother Earth- bringing us home into our hearts
  • The dance of the Spirits and the communication through your body- Your Sacred Instrument

Kimba Bridgeman

Kimba is the Director of Shaman College and is on our teaching staff. She has 25 years of experience as a healing practitioner and movement teacher. Her mission is to help bring shamanism back into our communities- so we can heal each other and our Earth and live in harmony with all Life.

"Spirit, Movement and Nature are one expression... leading us home to the highest knowing- that our lives are sacred and filled with light. We were made to be here and we can remember this... it is in us. We need each other - we help each other - we are a human family."


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